Welcome to Ricardian Loons. 

The idea for this blog was born in March 2015, when two amateur historians met at the reinterment of Richard III in Leicester and discovered that they share a passion for exploring the last Plantagenet king’s life and times with a fresh eye. History, science, books, travel, music – anything goes and no views are taboo.

To reflect our undogmatic approach we chose the name Ricardian Loons, a term coined by Dr. David Starkey whom we hereby cordially thank. Visually, our blog’s theme is an homage to St Mary and All Saints Church in Fotheringhay, a place brimming with Yorkist imagery even today.

We don’t know where our journey will take us, but we hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

The pulpit at St Mary and All Saints Church

The pulpit of St Mary and All Saints Church